Character in Context

Episode 40: Hannukah–Truth, Tradition and the Importance of Table Fellowship in God’s Honor

December 27, 2019

So, this week we are discussing Hannukah and the unfortunate teachings which have led people to believe that Yeshua/Jesus preached against all traditions. Someone even sent me a post where the poster was telling people that even though Yeshua was clearly at the Feast of Dedication in John 10, it was only to rebuke the people for being there (despite absolutely no textual proof). We will be talking at length about the traditions that Yeshua rebuked, the ones He was neutral about, as well as the ones He Himself kept and promoted. The book I referenced in the teaching is Hollisa Alewine's Truth, Tradition or Tare: Growing in the Word. Dr. Alewine's book should be required reading for those who have been mercilessly pummeled with the teachings telling them that they can't do anything unless it is written in the Torah as it is a breath of fresh air and reason.

I recommend checking out this teaching of Dr Alewine's which sheds a lot of light on the situation with the Pharisees. It will ask you to create an account for access, but the teachings are free