Character in Context

Episode 43: Isaiah and the Messiah 8–Salvation for the Nations and the Marduk/Nebo Smackdown

January 17, 2020

Up to this point, things have been pretty grim in Yahweh's disputations with the nations and their gods but now we see a big change. We see a prophesied move of the nations toward faith in the one true God and a growing divide between those who do and do not worship Him. In addition, we are treated to a very humorous caricature of Marduk, the chief God of the city of Babylon, and his son Nebo, the chief god of Borsippa as well as the god of wisdom and scribes.

Next week, our first mention of Babylon--up until now, the nations have been addressed as a monolithic group without any differentiation but now Babylon will be singled out for special attention. 

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Yael and the Good family. She passed into the arms of our Savior yesterday. For those wanting to help with medical and funeral expenses, here is a link: